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После того, как была получена рекомендация сделать аборт из-за редкого дефекта , приводящего к развитию кишечника в тонком мешочке, находящемся вне тела ребенка, родители решили обратиться за консультацией в больницу «Хадасса Эйн Керем». Там предложили сделать инновационную операцию с помощью использования технологии из области пластической медицины. Результат: Новорожденная девочка была прооперирована и выписана из больницы домой.

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Scientists at the Hadassah Medical Center and Hebrew University have discovered a genetic mutation that is responsible for lack of ovary development. 

New clinic opens to help those with sensitive food allergies.

More than 300 scientists from 22 countries, including the Hadassah Medical Organization’s Prof. Benjamin Glaser, have found that most of the genetic risk for developing type 2 diabetes can be attributed to common, shared differences in the genetic code, each of which contributes a small amount to an individual’s risk of disease.

The medical interventions and outcomes of Israelis with spinal cord injury (SCI) can now be captured in the Rick Hansen SCI Registry (RHSCIR), a prospective observational study of individuals sustaining a traumatic SCI, thanks to the teams at the Rick Hansen Institute (RHI) and Hadassah Medical Center.

Data from the first patient cohort of the Phase I/IIa Hadassah Medical Organization clinical trial with the stem cell product, OpRegen®, aimed at slowing the progression of the advanced form of dry age-related macular degeneration (dry-AMD), will be presented at the International Symposium on Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics (ISOPT) on Friday, December 2, 2016, in Rome, Italy.

The clowns stay with a child only when invited, helping them to conquer their fears and
gain some control in a frightening environment, allowing them to forget their illness for a brief moment

В этом году, по итогам голосований, Израиль стал лидером в номинации «Оздоровительный отдых», опередив по количеству голосов другие 12 стран-участников. Ранее, Израиль уже становился победителем в этой номинации два раза подряд – в 2012 и 2013 годах.


The Hadassah Medical Center is continuing to receive positive findings with its Phase II clinical trial using its unique stem cell approach to stop the progression and reversing the disabilities of multiple sclerosis.

Six-year-old Ruthie Rosenthal, who suffered paralysis of her hands and legs after a fall, is now up and walking, thanks to innovative back surgery by the Hadassah Medical Center’s team of multidisciplinary specialists.

Children from the Northern Russian Republic of Chuvash, with the rare and fatal genetic disease called “marble bone disease” or osteopetrosis, are coming to Israel to be healed in the Hadassah Medical Center’s Pediatric Hematology Department.

“Doctors in Florida who pronounced me ‘soon-dead’ can’t believe that I’m healthy today,” said Hadassah melanoma patient Stewart Greenberg. 

К 2018 году рост мирового рынка переносных гаджетов достигнет
$ 19 млрд, и израильские компании играют большую роль в достижении этой цели.

Число израильских женщин, у которых диагностирован рак груди, немного превышает среднестатистический аналогичный показатель в развитых странах-членах ОЭСР.


Зато процент излечившихся от него в Израиле значительно выше, чем в других развитых странах.

Translational medicine, a rapidly growing discipline in biomedical research that aims to expedite discovery of new diagnostic tools and treatments by using a multidisciplinary, highly collaborative approach, has characterized Hadassah since its move to Ein Kerem 55 years ago. Its physician-researchers are practical peoplewho take questions they encounter at a patient’s bedside into the research laboratory and bring the answers they find back to the patient.

Itongadol / AJN- Speaking to the Argentinian Jewish News Agency (AJN) Claudia Rubinsztain, Spanish speaking tour guide and Public Relations Officer of the Medical Center, explained why Hadassah, which has provided medical care in Jerusalem since 1912, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. She stated that the hospital reaches patients around the world, and since its founding has always “thought, worked, and lived with a philosophy called ‘bridges to peace”.

A collaboration between the Hadassah Medical Organization and Harvard researchers has led to the discovery of a mechanism by which a type of bacteria commonly found in the mouth (called fusobacteria) travels through the bloodstream to reach colorectal tumors and then uses a sugar-binding protein to stick to them, thereby exacerbating the cancer.

Understanding what part inherited traits play in an individual’s chance of developing breast cancer; analyzing the specific biology of each tumor to better tailor therapy for each patient; and diagnosing cancer through blood samples, rather than performing biopsies, are the goals that are shaping the approach the Hadassah Medical Organization is taking to cancer research and treatment.

Если вам за 40, вы курите или курили в прошлом, задыхаетесь при подъеме по лестнице, кашляете, обязательно прочитайте эту статью. Речь не о раке легких, которого все боятся, а о малознакомой болезни COPD.


With ovarian cancer being one of the most lethal cancers affecting women in the western world, early detection remains elusive and a cure is only a possibility for a small minority, relates Prof. Beatrice Uziely, head of the Hadassah Medical Organization’s Oncology Ambulatory Services Unit. With a revolution occurring in the approach to cancer treatment, however, Hadassah’s Sharett Institute of Oncology is working toward a deeper understanding of inherited genes, as well as a tumor’s molecular structure–with the goal of employing tailored treatment to save more lives.

The pioneer clinic, first of its kind in Israel, will help detect and treat heart valve disease – which has become more prevalent as average life expectancy continues to rise.

Hadasit, the Hadassah Medical Organization’s technology transfer company, has signed an agreement with BioLineRx Ltd. to develop a drug to treat non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), based on the pre-clinical work of Hadassah’s Prof. Rifaat Safadi, head of its Liver Unit. Currently, there are no Federal Drug Administration-approved treatments for NASH.                 

Galmed Pharmaceuticals Ltd., a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of a once-daily, oral therapy for the treatment of liver diseases, has named Prof. Ran Oren, head of the Hadassah Medical Organization’s Institute of Gastroenterology and Liver Disease, as its new Chief Medical Officer.

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