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The pioneer clinic, first of its kind in Israel, will help detect and treat heart valve disease – which has become more prevalent as average life expectancy continues to rise.



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Prof. Ronen Beeri


Hadassah Medical Center is in the process of forming Israel’s first ever Heart Valve Disease Clinic. The multidisciplinary clinic is geared towards detection and treatment of heart valve diseases, which has become a common risk in a continuously-aging population. As well – there has been a rise in heart conditions in younger populations as well.


Major factors in heart valve diseases & insufficiencies are the age of the patient, as well as heart attack episodes, which can prove detrimental to the heart valves. Aside from the obvious life-threatening risks of a heart attack, the long-term damage to the valve, and life-altering post-trauma implications serve as an ongoing struggle for all cardiovascular medical professionals.


Until recently, the default treatment was open heart surgery to replace the damaged valve(s). Currently, these invasive procedures are generally substituted with a Cardiac catheterization.


Efficient treatment & minimalizing risk factors of heart valve diseases demands extensive and elaborate medical attention – something that cannot be left for a single cardiologist to field.


Prof. Ronen Beeri, of Hadassah’s Heart Institute, explains: “Currently, a ‘cardio team’ is needed to treat a patient suffering from heart valve disease. Until now, the process of referral to the heart institute until receiving treatment from the relevant specialist can sometimes take months. Generally, patients with complex issue cannot afford to wait that long.  The multidisciplinary ‘cardio team’ solution will help streamline the process through conducting a heart echo, stress echo, transesophageal echocardiogram (TEE) and other exams in an effort to diagnose and begin treatment within a week’s time.


The Heart Valve Disease Clinic will operate once a week, and hopes to significantly decrease the referral-to-diagnosis time from months to just a week or two.


“The idea is for all relevant medical professionals (cardiologists and others) involved in the diagnosis and decision-making process to work in sync in an effort to cut down the time within the ‘unknown’ – which will ultimately benefit both the medical staff and, most importantly, the patient,” added Beeri, and concluded, “the uniqueness of our multi-talented ‘cardio team’, and their willingness to meet on a weekly basis to help patients with cardiovascular issues, assures that the Heart Institute, as well as Hadassah Medical Center, continues to provides the highest level of care for its patients.”

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