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The clowns stay with a child only when invited, helping them to conquer their fears and
gain some control in a frightening environment, allowing them to forget their illness for a brief moment.


Power of Humour

Since 2002, Hadassah has pioneered medical clowning in Israel. Hadassah's clowns channel the healing power of humour, bringing laughter to sick children, easing their fear, relaxing them and transforming their hospital experience.


More Laughter To Life

They remind young patients that they are more than just their illness and give sick children a sense of control. Their time is totally funded by your individual donations.


When No One Else Can

A child cries and refuses an injection, another cannot be calmed before their operation, a third will not eat or raise their arm for their physiotherapy treatment. Medical Clowns achieve results at times when doctors and nurses cannot.


Even the staff benefit!

New research shows that Medical Clowns not only assist with patients but contribute to a reduction in the level of stress within the hospital setting. They have been proven to increase efficiency levels because they allow staff to manage procedures quickly and smoothly.


Be Happy, Feel Happy

Laughter, like exercise, can reduce stress, improve tolerance to pain, and alter bodily functions such as blood pressure, heart rate, muscle activity, and stomach acidity. It triggers the release of endorphins and serotonin that create feelings of happiness.


Better Atmosphere For All

Hadassah is now extending the use of the Medical Clowns into other areas, e.g. as an integral part of Paediatric surgical teams, enabling a reduction in time to administer anaesthetics, lowering stress, with faster operating times resulting in cost savings.

  • Since 2002 Hadassah have pioneered Medical Clowning in Israel, going from entertaining children in hospitals into creating and developing a professional medical therapy integrated within our medical teams.
  • New research show that the Medical Clowns increase hospital efficiency levels, allowing staff to manage procedures more quickly and smoothly.
  • “The hospital clowns have made an extraordinary impact. They help acutely ill children lose their fear of hospitalisation and treatments…opening the way for the medical staff” Prof Dan Engelhard, Head of Paediatrics Hadassah.


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